Software Compatibility Testing Services | Cross Browser Testing

Compatibility testing services that can be performed over an assortment of Operating Systems, programs, databases, servers, equipment, various forms, arrangements, show goals, and so forth.

QANxT has a broad similarity lab covering the most recent working frameworks, stages, peripherals and equipment to guarantee that your item performs over a wide scope of specialized details.

Any fringe equipment gadget or server arrangement that we don’t have, can be immediately gained through our related equipment and programming seller accomplices.

Regardless of whether you produce instructive programming, online applications, sites, organize programming or utilities, our compatibility services can assemble an configuration matrix and approach to distinguish the ideal number of combinations.

Depending upon the multifaceted nature of your item and the quantity of stages to be tried, tasks can be acted in a week or less.

Why Compatibility Testing?

The number of operational systems, browsers, and equipment setups is tremendous and a fruitful software solutions must be perfect in any event with most of them. Qanxt the services of compatibility testing to verify whether an answer works appropriately in various situations and, hence, gets more clients.

Following business and functional requirements, we provide services of compatibility testing so our clients could maintain a strategic distance from monetary dangers and loss of reputation by poor system compatibility and negative user experience.

Testing conducted before the item discharge recognizes compatibility issues and forestalls the pushing of the venture spending plan over as far as possible.

Compatibility Testing Life Cycle

Assessment of Test Requirements: Our testing group will decide the necessities for testing, following counsel with our customer designers. They will decide the extent of the testing and the test goals. They would compatibility issues to be checked.

Test Plan Creation: Our testing group will at that point make the test plan.

Allocation of Resources for Testing: We will at that point resources required for the testing.

Execution of the Test Plan: The testing group will at that point execute the test over various stages, devices, and browsers as per the client specifications.

Monitoring and update: The entire process will be observed and the customer would be educated regarding the advancement as reports.

Evaluation: Performance metrics would be utilized to assess the proficiency of the testing procedure and decide whether any progressions would should be done.

Identification, Tracking and Removal of Bugs: Bugs will be followed and reasonable amendments would be done to guarantee the expulsion of the bugs.Testing Completion

Compatibility Testing Approach

Our need is to cover our customer’s quality assurance and testing needs and helping advancement groups guarantee the conveyance of a comprehensive functional project.

Our testing groups work using the agile methodology during the manual test procedure and guarantee consistent joint effort with advancement groups.

Our manual test team identifies operation failures and provides clientele with bug-free proven solutions. We ensure the nature of our services as per things sketched out in the SLA.

We lecture clear correspondence and guarantee total help.

To furnish organizations with an expansive image of identified bugs, we create itemized venture documentation with information. We bolster endeavors in their quest for successful growth and competitiveness.