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QANxT’s Game Testing Services encompass the entire gaming eco-system across platforms including desktop, console, mobile devices, tablets, phablets, and cloud gaming. With thousands of games being released every year with tighter release schedules in the emerging platforms, flawless gaming experience has become the ultimate criterion with implicit expectations from gaming enthusiasts. We at QANxT make sure that ISV and Gaming Developers are able to fulfill that expectation.

Game testing demands a holistic approach with testing maps/checklists and actionable reports that support rapid retest/review and release schedule. Understanding of the game genres (traditional and emerging) is absolutely critical.

Our QA testers will get adaption to any game that is nearing the last development stages. However, the game qa testers have to play those games in various circumstances, numerous times, and from the start to the end. In their mind, the game testers have to look for defects or bugs inside those games.

In a video game development organization, a game tester is the one responsible for testing the games. A game will need testing before its ultimate version can be delivered to the users in the market. So, the game QA testers will be required for each platform and genre.

Techniques In Game Testing Services

In all the steps of the game development process, game QA is an essential step. It should be the final component that will help to analyze whether a specific game application can be launched or not. When you get games in the market, know that they have already passed vigorous tests. It is these testing services that gives the development processes a critical eye. That helps to focus more on various constant searches such as errors, completeness, coherence, and more.

So, do you want to know various game testing methods? Here are some of the techniques that you should know:

Combination Testing

In this technique, it is usually an experimental design. It is a method that is used for commercial testing and generating test cases. When combinatorial testing is applied during the game testing, that will help to increase test execution efficiency, reduce the cost, better phase containment, and provide better quality.

Clean Room Testing

In the software development process, this testing method is intended to develop gaming software that has a certifiable reliability level.

Functionality testing

It is a method that mainly focuses on identifying bugs or any errors that can affect user-experience while playing.

Compatibility testing

Compatibility testing is a test that helps to know whether the game is functioning correctly. That is in regards to the graphics, hardware, and software configuration. This is one of the essential testing services that enable testers to know whether the game title runs in various devices.

Tree testing

This kind of testing is similar to usability testing and usually used in organizing test cases. That helps in selecting the proper set of tests for code changes.

Regression testing

This type of testing is aimed at unchanged the unchanged parts of a software. The test cases are usually re-checked for analyzing the working of various functions of the apps. That helps to ensure they are working perfectly and no new changes are bringing vulnerabilities or new errors.

Ad hoc testing

It is an unplanned testing method. This test is used in breaking down the system. Here, the game testers will randomly test the apps without any documents or test cases.

Play testing

This method of game testing is where the gamers have to play the game so that they can analyze non-functional features. Some of these features include fun factors, balance, difficulty levels, and more.

Load testing

Load testing is a specific type of performance that tests to determine the performance of the system in regards to real-time loads. This type of testing helps to show the reaction of an app and especially the moment multiple users are using the app simultaneously.

Furthermore, our game qa testers should able to play on various gaming platforms. That is why the ability of playing games can be productive in this field. So, the game tester should have a long time experience playing various games. Some of the knowledge they need include fighting, racing,  and role-playing of simulation genre games. Learning each category isn’t that essential, but every analyzer should have a strong comprehension of how the games function.