How to Test Mobile Application in Five Simple Steps

Mobile application testing is a great challenge for QA testing team. For fully developed and customized mobile application, mobile app testing services are essential.

Such testing processes lower the operational and management costs and improve QA as well. However, testers have to face some key challenges while testing mobile applications as they differ from each other in screen sizes, input methods with different hardware capabilities & configurations and specifications.

Types of Mobile Application Testing

It will be helpful and easy to understand for the readers if I explain these five steps in types of mobile application testing perspective. So here are these

• Functional testing

• Performance testing

• Interrupt testing

• Usability testing

Installation testing

The above mentioned five steps can help you in testing your mobile application by yourself. Mobile app testing can be performed using different testing scenarios.

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Testing of User Interface and Call Flows

The step one can be termed as functional testing that involves checking the functionality of the application i.e. features that deliver the desired results.

Focus on Behavior of the Application

The second step focuses on checking the behavior and performance of mobile application under the given condition such as bad network coverage and low available memory i.e. performance testing.

Checking the Quality of Application

In the third step, it is observed that a mobile application can be interrupted by incoming and/or outgoing calls and incoming and outgoing SMS. Is the mobile application running properly despite of such interruptions? Hence this step can be termed as interrupt testing.

Success Rate of Application

In the fourth step the validity of the mobile application is tested on commercial grounds i.e. how much commercially successful it can be? User response and user behavior is verified and it is tested whether the specific goals are achieved by this mobile application or not? This is called usability testing.

Checking the Flow of Application

The streamlining of all test cases in automation testing proves that all the processes starting from installation to uninstallation of mobile application are going smoothly. Fifth step involves installation testing.

The flow of mobile application testing involves installation, update and uninstallation of an application.

Mobile application is not straight forward but by following the above steps you can make the task relatively easier. There are still so many intricacies involved that the services of experts in the process of testing cannot be ignored. To certify any mobile application the only authentic source is mobile application testing companies that ensure the quality assurance of mobile applications using their methodical approach.


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