Installation Testing Services

Installation testing services is to confirms the application’s proper installation on their PC or mobile phone and these could be browser versions, applications, server software, database applications, or independent software application. It centers around what clients need to do to effectively install, or uninstall, your application.

Installation Testing Process

The procedure includes full or incomplete installations, installation & uninstall processes, configuration options and patching processes. It becomes important to validate that all the installed features and options work properly. Is executed at late periods of the improvement, when the program is practically prepared.

Testing Execution On-Demand Services and Lab Compatibility Services We have a completely prepared lab that includes all conceivable program types and forms, OS and OS renditions, additional items, cell phones and stages, and association speed mixes.

Installation Testing Checklist

  • Identify the establishment necessities
  • Create an Installation Test Plan and tests
  • Execute tests in our completely prepared lab
  • Log any imperfections or issues
  • Retest after any progressions

Considered During Installation Testing

  • Space – Whether the installer checks if there is enough space on the circle for establishment of the program.
  • Memory – Whether the program takes the measure of memory space pronounced in the prerequisites.
  • Behavior – How the program carries on when there isn’t enough space on the circle for the establishment.
  • Negative testing – That is how the framework oversees breaking it during every one of the establishment stages.
  • Uninstallation – Uninstallation of the product should likewise be deliberately confirmed.

Advantages of Installation Testing

  • Ensures all end clients have a similar encounter
  • Makes sure that the application introduces as planned in every single appropriate arrangement
  • Saves cash by discovering issues before creation
  • Improved quality
  • Improved end-client experience