JMETER Performance Testing

Go for our JMeter Testing to Ensure an Excellent Performance

Increased usage of smartphones by the users has led to a sudden surge in engaging applications for the same. Every software application is developed with diligence, but needs to go through a thorough testing procedure to ensure a great performance.

A dip in performance directly translates into a poor ROI and brings bad reputation to the software development company.

QAnxt being a leading software testing services company offers excellent JMeter Performance Testing to its clients at reasonable pricing. Amidst a range of wonderful testing tools existing in the market, JMeter is a powerful performance testing tool that is absolutely open-sourced and Java based. It is used for performance testing, stress testing, scalability testing and load testing of web applications.

Why to Go With JMeter Tool for Performance Testing?

JMeter is an open sourced testing tool and has many advantages beyond performance testing for any specific application.

It is best for stimulating a heavy load on a single server or a group of servers to analyze the performance level. It works finely on the networks or different objects to evaluate their strength under the stress of different types of loads.

Today, the companies are opting for JMeter load testing as the results are not only fantastic but also reliable. The process of load testing with JMeter can be done on both types of resources like static and dynamic. In a broader sense, the advantages of Jmeter testing can be summarized as the following ones.

  • Can execute performance testing over any platform
  • Has a variety of configuration mechanisms like SOAP Request, Java Request, etc.
  • Excellent for load and stress testing
  • Recording of application sessions is an easy affair
  • Has a great user-friendly graphical user interface
  • Is automated and saves time
  • Monitor the resources usage of the target computer within JMeter.

Types of Protocols that are supported by JMeter

JMeter supports a plethora of protocols and results in easy detection of bugs. Some of the protocol types are the following ones.

  • Mail pop3(s) & IMAP(s)
  • Java message service
  • Lightweight directory access protocol
  • Database by Java Database connectivity
  • SOAP i.e. Simple object access protocol
  • HTTP i.e. Hypertext transfer protocol

Advantages of JMeter Testing with us

Our testing engineers are all well versed with the technical aspects of Jmeter load testing. QAnxt is a Software Testing Company and has a proven track record of working efficiently to carry Jmeter Performance Testing.

Our engineers are experienced to lay down the objective of testing to be conducted beforehand to have a clear and concise approach.

Our testing professionals are well-equipped with the desire skill-set to conduct performance testing using JMeter as well as load testing with JMeter. We ensure high performance-oriented software applications by our flawless JMeter Performance Testing services.

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