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Our mobile testing services, specifically in testing applications on Android and iOS gadgets, additionally play out a wide range of native, web and hybrid mobile apps testing including an upgraded mobile test automation approach that accommodates a solitary test suite both on the mobile and non-mobile versions of the application.

Benefits of Mobile Test Automation

Qanxt’s exclusive Mobile Test Automation Services consistently incorporates with different open-source and commercial test tools (for example, HP Mobile Center, Appium, Perfecto versatile, and so on.) and encourages you accomplish speeding up in your mobile application testing projects.

With minimal customization, it guarantees altogether higher test automation coverage for your applications. Qanxt’s Mobile Testing Services coordinates with different CI tools to enable end-to-end automation. We assure that your applications additionally are tuned to perform at peak loads and handle phenomenal burden floods to guarantee unwavering quality.

Test Automation Framework makes it possible to automate the execution on multiple real devices and networks

Why Do We Need Mobile Testing?

Mobile is booming, and that’s a good thing! In the highly competitive world of mobiles, getting high-quality to market quickly can make or break the success of a product or company. The increasing number of mobile devices bundled with smart applications offering a wide range of functional possibilities; it is a specialist job to test these applications. Some of the challenges include handling diverse screen resolutions, increased voice, video and data capabilities, gesture based applications, etc. In addition, need for addressing diverse mobile operating systems and platforms pose a huge challenge for the app makers today, as they struggle to achieve consistent functionality, higher level of app performance, security and user experience.

We offers mobile testing methodologies and solutions to ensure that the intended business value is delivered. Mobile testing capabilities through our Mobile Centre of Excellence resulting in superior quality, cost optimization, and accelerated go LIVE time across any combination of mobile devices and operating systems.

Mobile Testing Offering:

QANxT’s Mobile Testing Practice offers Mobile Device testing, Application testing, Functional and Non-Functional testing helping Enterprises and ISVs to release their products, with accelerated time to market ensuring no loss of productivity, better ROI and brand reputation to win in today’s ultra-competitive economy.

A representative list of QANxT’s mobile testing services are as follows:

Compatibility Test, Device Testing, Memory Leakage Test, Performance Test, Interrupt Test, Usability Test, Installation Test, Carrier Validation Test, Protocol Validation Test, Functionality Test, Field Test, Test Automation, and Security Test

Our End-to-End Mobile Testing Services

Automated Testing

Software Test Automation, when applied in the correct spots to versatile can expand your efficiencies empowering you to concentrate your manual testing on new highlights and capacities. Our specialization in utilizing Appium provides you with master benefits on an open source stage that works over multiple operating systems.

Functional Testing

Test cases strategically designed for mobile applications for reducing danger with the most noteworthy inclusion.

Mobile performance testing

Working anytime and anyplace, mobile apps may discover frail sign, impedance from different gadgets, over the top burden, and so on. Our mobile testing team will reveal pressure, burden, adaptability or reliability bugs.
For enormous applications providing food for some, clients (banking applications, versatile e-stores, multiplayer games, informing games, and so forth.), our mobile testing team additionally runs backend performance testing.

Usability testing

Qanxt’s mobile testing team will ensure that your application has an easy to understand UI, including key elements of the application and drawing in UX, accommodating positive client experience. As a piece of UX testing, our mobile testing team additionally performs ease of use testing to guarantee that the product is helpful and simple to-use for your target audience.

Mobile compatibility testing

To reduce the quantity of unhappy users, mobile apps should work consistently on track gadgets and in the individual activity systems and mobile browsers. Our specialists will ensure your mobile app provides an flawless UX in all the cases above.

Mobile security testing

Mobile apps are vulnerable against hacking assaults, which leads to losses for users and enterprises. Our team will perform penetration testing to simulate a hacking assault.

With ethical hacking, our mobile security testing group will recognize security escape clauses of your application and give significant suggestions on fixing them.

For huge applications, our mobile testing team will likewise guarantee the security of server side (backend security testing).