Software QA & Test Process

Software QA & Test Process

Quality Assurance Testing has always been a prime task to be conducted in the development phase of software product.

Much importance is given on the software qa testing as in any case if the software is found to be with some clinches then not only the brand image of the company is affected but the saleability also goes down. In spite of this fact, there are still many companies that are dependent on temporary software qa.

This only serves the general purpose and might cost them a bomb in future. At QAnxt, we believe to offer the highest podium of quality assurance testing to our clients in the most cost effective manner.

Know Software QA Testing Process Followed By Us:

We use the most sophisticated testing tools to carry out the software qa testing process with elan. We customize software test process according to the specific client needs and available budget.

We always make it a point to adhere to the toughest deadlines so that the product can be ready to face the market in the least possible time. Our skilled team of testers ensure to deliver high quality assurance for your software products by following a series of sequential steps.

  • Formation of a testing group
  • Risk analysis
  • Development of a defined test plan
  • Formulation of the tests
  • Analysis of test results

Our Software Testing Service Aids In Post Deployment:

Today, there are a large number of software applications in the market and with each passing day, the number is even increasing.

As the market is very competitive in comparison to what it has been in the past, our software qa aids in post deployment. As there is a requirement to implement new programs in a continual basis and more databases are updated regularly, our software test process ensures careful evaluation of each portion of your software.

Backed with a creative team of skilled engineers, our Software QA Testing Process ensures the best results.

For more details about our software testing service or to ask any query regarding your distinct business need, you can email us at [email protected]

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