What is Software Testing?

Software testing is the process of executing a program or application that has been developed by a developer with a view to finding bugs from a software.

Software quality assurance can also be interpreted as activities that aim to evaluate the ability of a program or system and determine whether the program matches the expected results. And aims to ensure that the software has the best quality and maintained.

Reasons to Maintain Software Quality?

According to QA Leader, testing needs to be done because usually there is something missed when a developer develops an application. If this stage is passed, then the level of trust to release the application will be low.

The following are 3 main reasons why you need to do testing on both automatic and manual software.

  • Anything can happen. Before you check or do testing on software or applications that have been made, remember that errors or deficiencies can occur. Of course, you do not want software or applications that have been made to not function normally, right?
  • A good application is not enough, your application must be the best. Remember also that businesses that always present products in this case applications or software, the best is always achieved after a long journey with a variety of tests.
  • End user satisfaction is everything. Of course, you never know how users will try to see and use your software or application. Testing you do can help convince you and of course will give satisfaction to your software users that what they use is in line with expectations.

Software Testing Principles

  • All tests must be traceable to the requirements of the software requirements.
  • Testing must start from a small scope to a large scope.
  • In-depth testing is not possible because it is impossible to execute all permutation paths.
  • To be effective (have a high probability of finding mistakes), testing must be carried out by another independent party.
  • Testing must be planned long before it is carried out

Good Quality Software Testing

  • Cover all possible software operation scenarios.
  • Includes as many paths as possible that are formed from the program structure.
  • Not too simple and not too complicated

Method of Designing Test Cases

  • Black Box testing to find out whether all software functions are running properly according to defined functional requirements
  • White Box testing to show the workings of the product in detail in accordance with the specifications

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