Top 5 Reasons Why Software Testing is Important

Why is Software Testing Important?

Software Testing is important because we all make mistakes. a number of those mistakes are unimportant, but a few them are expensive or dangerous. we would like to see everything and anything we produce because things can always fail – humans make mistakes all the time.

Since we assume that our work may have mistaken, hence we all got to check our own work. However, some mistakes come from bad assumptions and blind spots, so we would make an equivalent mistake once we check our own work as we made once we did it. So, we might not notice the issues in what we have done.

Ideally, we should always get somebody else to see our work because another person is more likely to identify the issues.

There are several reasons which clearly tells us as why Software Testing is vital and what are the main things that we should always consider while testing of any product or application.

Here are top 5 reasons why software testing is important

1. To Earn Consumer Trust

Software testing makes ensure that the software is user-friendly. That creates it capable of getting used by the purchasers it’s intended for. those that specialize in software application testing are conversant in the requirements of consumers , and unless a software can satisfy a customer’s needs, it might be a practically useless investment.

Different types of software have different types of customers. as an example, a person’s Resources department during a company that must track its employees and their performance would have a completely different software package from a hospital administrator trying to gauge which hospital departments need more resources. That’s why a bit like software developers, software testers also tend to specialize in certain sorts of software designs.

That’s what makes software testing all the more resourceful in gaining customer confidence. It’s a process that’s case-sensitive and takes care to form customers happy.

2. Identify Errors

While it seems intuitive, it’s important to recollect that software testing is what helps rid products of errors before the merchandise goes into the hands of a client.

Regardless of how competent software developers and engineers could also be, the likelihood of glitches and bugs is usually present in untested software. Testing will cause better functioning of the merchandise as hidden errors are going to be exposed and glued.

Even one bug is often damaging for the reputation of a software developing house. It can take an extended time to regain customer confidence, so it is far better and ultimately more convenient to make sure testing is being achieved.

The various sorts of software testing involved within the process make sure that the top result’s software which will be valued by clientele.

3. Security

Another important point to feature is security. this is often probably the foremost sensitive and yet most vulnerable part.

There are many situations where user information has been stolen or hackers have gotten thereto and used it for his or her benefit. that’s the rationale people are trying to find trusted products that they will believe. As a user of the many products and apps, i’m always trying to find products that i might give my information to confidently and know that it’ll be safe; perhaps so does one. Our personal information and what we do with it should stay as private as possible, especially using services where it’s a vulnerability to us, for instance, banking information, security details etc.

How testing can help your product security:

  • The user gets a trustworthy product
  • Keeps user’s personal information and data safe
  • Vulnerability free products
  • Problems and risks are eliminated beforehand
  • Saves tons of troubles later on

Sometimes even the littlest security issues have brought huge problems to businesses round the world, so it should be important to assure top-notch quality products to customers.

As of this year European Union has new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and it mandates companies to be more careful with their users’ personal data. Fines for missteps are huge and corporations must suit the new regulation.

• Cairns Hospital – A catastrophic glitch affecting five Australian hospitals was introduced during the appliance of security patches designed to counter potential future cyber-attacks. It required quite fortnight for the hospitals to recover their electronic medical history systems.

• China Airlines Airbus A300 crashed thanks to a software bug on April 26, 1994, killing 264 innocent lives.

4. Product Quality

In order to form your product vision, come to life, it’s to figure as planned. Following product requirements is imperative, to an extent, because it helps you get the wanted end results.

Products always serve users in some ways, so it’s vital that it brings the worth it promises, hence it should work properly to make sure great customer experience. Development of an app, for instance, has many processes included and testing gets a glimpse of each bit – it checks if the apps graphics are aligned properly, tests the most functionality, checks if menus are intuitive, etc.

After developers fix issues, sometimes another issue may appear unexpectedly elsewhere , that’s just how testing goes sometimes, so it’s great to seek out those issues to be resolved and be a neighborhood of quality product being delivered to marketplace.

Device compatibility is additionally checked for the merchandise, for instance, an app’s compatibility on many devices and operating systems. Testing companies usually have many devices and tools available to hide as many testing scenarios as possible.

Our company has >700 devices and different tools available to check not only the most app, but also its battery drainage, CPU usage, different network connections, etc. Our device pool consists of high-end devices (iPhone, Samsung etc.) and low end devices (Alcatel, Blue Studio Selfie, Just5, Meizu, Oppo, Prestigio etc.).

Testing is completed usually from many aspects then it includes also feedback on the user experience the tester had. tons of times tips from professionals can make a difference and help the merchandise come as intuitive and user friendly as possible for brand spanking new users to use with ease and supply true value.

5. Customer Satisfaction

The goal for a product owner is to offer the simplest customer satisfaction. Reasons why apps and software should be tested is to bring the simplest user experience possible. Being the simplest product during this saturated market will assist you gain trustworthy clients which can have great long-term effects.

Once users will have amazing customer experience they’re going to, without a doubt, tell their friends and word to mouth will make it advertise itself, but this works both ways.

Customer trust isn’t easy to earn, especially if your product is glitching and functioning only 60% of the time. you’re a user of the many products and maybe have had horrible experiences that made you delete the app and tell others to not use it. lately the market is so saturated that first impression is important, otherwise users will find another product that meets his needs.

All might be eliminated if you invest in testing at the beginning development, because bringing the most important value during this saturated market will make your business stand out.

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